Renewing loan period, ordering or making a hold on

Loan periods:

  • fiction: 14 day 
  • non-fiction: 30 days
  • non-book materials: 7 days
  • language courses: 30 days

Borrowing restrictions:

  • you can borrow 3 DVDs, BluRays or CDs at a time
  • you cannot borrow more than 1 item with the same title
  • you have to return the library materials in the same library where you borrowed it

Renewing the loan period:

  • you can renew the loan period once
  • you cannot renew the loan period:
  • if their is a hold made on the book by another member,
  • if the book is marked for the compulsory reading,
  • if the book is overdue and you got an overdue notice

You can renew the loan period:

  • in the library
  • by telephone (01 724 12 04 / 041 664 912)
  • via the internet service COBISS/My library (you need a pin code to use this service).


  • If the book is not available, you can put a hold on it.
  • If the book is free, you can order it using COBISS/My library.
  • The reserved books will wait for you in the library for 3 days.
  • If you do not claim them in 3 days, you have to pay a fee (check the price list).

Overdue fines and notices:

If you do not return your materials in time, you have to pay a fine.

If you are 14 days overdue:

  1. notice (after 14 days) 
  2. notice (7 days after the 1. notice)
  3. notice (7 days after the 2. notice)

All the fines are added up.

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