Short history


The 1st public library in Mengeš was established by the reading society in 1873 but very little is known about it. Anton Koblar reopened the reading society and the library in 1887. By the year 1930 there were nearly 800 books of all kinds. During the war the library was destroyed. People saved some of the books but they were never returned to the library. After the war the new library opened in 1959 with around 1000  books and 747 readers/users. In 1961 the library became part of the Library Domžale.


Pripomoček pri branju - ravnilo

Z miškinim kazalcem se pomikajte po strani in ravnilo vam bo sledilo.
Za izklop ravnila pritisnite tipko ESC ali na vrhu strani IZKLOP RAVNILA.